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Rounds, spirals, stars: This is a work based on shapes that the photographs of Ji-Yun seem to offer us. We are immerses in a bath of choreographed aquatics from Hollywood (Esther Williams, Busby Berkeley). But there is something else, a Korean, she bases her research around signs and bodies: « the imprint of the body in a photograph, in the frame, is of particular concern to me. I see a link with calligraphy in which writing must fit within a square space and play a subtle game of balance between full and empty. »

Rounds, spirals, stars: Once again, you have to look twice for a choreography of bodies revealing its ambiguities, for spirals of hair that hold us captive with their tentacles, for a hairstyle ready to come alive and start to crawl like a crab. Discomfort and beauty.

– Bruno Dubreuil / Immix Gallery

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