Le Paris des Parisiens

Ji-Yun is an artist living in Paris. After participating in Nuit Blanche 2013, with her installation “Medusa”, working alongside Igor Galabovski, she shares with us some of her favorite places […]

“Medusa” Nuit Blanche 2013, Paris

Installation / Musical Performance Suspended above the swimming pool basin, a gigantic “Medusa” created from of a subtle web of black ribbons comes to life with illumination creating a game […]

“Bonjour, ChangWon !”

Museum MoonShin 147, MoonShin-kil, Masan Hapo-gu, ChangWon, South Korea The museum has invited four Korean artistes living in France. Artists present: Ja-Yong Park, Lee Seo, Ji-Yun, Hyo-Seok Jin November 1st […]

“The Tunnel”, T-Gallery, Slovakia

Competition winner of “The Tunnel” with the installation “30kg”. T-Gallery Panská 24 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia T-Gallery represents and exhibits young artists from Slovakia, Finland, France, Mexico and USA and cooperates […]